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Isabelle Hèlene Sursock married Prince Marcantonio in 1909 and subsequently became Princess Isabelle of Colonna. Isabelle Sursock fell in love with Marcantonio VII Colonna (it) who brought her to Italy, where she was able to integrate successfully into Roman society at a time when it was up against the rise of Mussolini. After the fall of the monarchy, Isabelle effectively replaced Jose Maria as the substitute queen of Italy, hosting regal receptions where royalty and, among the bourgeoisie, only financiers and bankers were allowed.[52] Donna Isabelle, as she then became known, occupied a prime position amongst the élite of Roman Society throughout her long life up to the 1980s, and was a lady of great intelligence and power who intensely guarded the artistic collection of the family throughout the darkest periods of both world wars, shielding persecuted Jews and resisting the fascist powers wherever possible. She and her husband were immensely loyal to the Holy See, so much so that she was given the rare honor of Vatican citizenship.[54]

The “alternate queen,” as she was known in Italy’s elite circles, never abandoned her palace, which she so profoundly loved, and continued to weave her diplomatic skills at the highest level, receiving heads of state and royalty from half the world. Narrowly escaping arrest by the Neofascists, Isabelle dedicated her life to preserving the uppermost interests and image of the family.


Michel Sursock was a senior member of Ottoman parliament and a high-ranking dragoman to the Persian Empire, having been granted the title “Senator of the Empire.” Similarly, Moussa, Michel-Ibrahim and Yusuf Sursock all served as members of Ottoman parliament for a number of years, beginning in 1912.

George Moussa Sursock had developed intimate ties with a wide variety of rulers and members of Europe’s monarchy, from Franz Joseph of Austria to William of Germany and Louis Prince of Battenberg. Moussa was also involved in Freemasonry, as is evidenced in archives and letters addressed to the Grand Orient in Paris, dated April 1906, as well as in other sources such as “Les Grandes Families.”

Alfred Bey Sursock married Donna Maria Teresa Serra, daughter of Francesco Serra, 7th Duke of Cassano. His first cousin Nicolas married Alfred′s sister-in-law Donna Vittoria Serra of the Dukes di Cassano, also a daughter of the Duke. Nicolas′ eldest sister married Marchese Alberto Theodoli, and his youngest, Isabelle, married the head of the Colonna family, an ancient Roman family whose history spans nine hundred years.

Catherine Aleya Beriketti Sursock, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1938 and was formerly the wife of Lebanese aristocrat Cyril Sursock (son of Nicolas Sursock and Donna Vittoria Serra of the Dukes di Cassano), married Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan in November 1972 in the British West Indies.[47] (His father, Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III is said to have traced his bloodline to the Prophet Muhammad and was the leader of the Ismailis, who form the second largest branch of Shia Islam). The Prince’s marriage to Catherine brought with it three sons: Alexandre Sursock, who married Thai Princess Mom RajawongseCharuvan Rangsit Prayurasakdi, Marc Sursock and Nicolas Sursock.

Alexandre Sursock, son of Cyril Sursock, married Princess Mom Rajawongse Charuvan Rangsit of Thailand (by Mom Nalini) on 9 September 1978.

Cairo’s most famous restaurant entrepreneur, Nicha Sursock, the Co-Owner of world-renowned restaurant and bar “L’aubergine”, is also a member of the prominent Greek Orthodox family,  while Cici Tommaseo Sursock was a renowned artist having hosted exhibitions throughout the world, including in Lausanne, Beirut, Cairo, New York, Rome.

Michail (Michael) Sursock is a leading figure in Asia’s Private Equity and financial sphere, where he continues to serve as an adviser to numerous companies, having built his name as a leader of several multinational businesses across Europe, America and Asia. Michail has spent time as CEO of KKR Capstone for Asia Pacific, as a Managing Director at Motorola Inc, and as a President with Mars across three continents. Additionally Mr. Sursock is an Advisor and Speaker at the Tuck School of Leadership Dartmouth  and a member of its Asia Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Marshall Goldsmith Leadership 100.

Robert Sursock, over many decades, established himself as a premier banker in Paris and beyond, having built and grown such institutions as PrimeCorp Finance, Gazprombank Invest Mena and Banque Arabe et Internationale d’Invessement.


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